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Mission & vision

Viima enables organizations to utilize the vast collective intelligence of their stakeholders. Our software engages people in innovation by encouraging users to express ideas, develop them further together and advance them into concrete actions. This helps our customers promote a culture of transparency and innovation.

We want to transform the way companies turn ideas into real innovations. Together with our happy customers, we believe that Viima is the best tool in the world to do it.



Our story began back in 2013 at Summer of Startups, a former accelerator program of Aaltoes, the entrepreneurhip society at Aalto University. A group of master's degree students in computer science came up with the idea to start their own company. The problem our founders originally wanted to solve was one of the most common reasons why businesses fail: not building what the customers need.

Since then, our focus has shifted towards getting the voice of all important stakeholders, including employees and partners, heard in the innovation process. We have built our cloud-based SaaS product completely in-house and in very close co-operation with our dear customers right from the beginning. We always set the user first and want our solutions to be sustainable.

Although our current headquarters are located just over a mile from where we started in Espoo, Finland, we have come a long way forward. We are proud to be funded by our revenue and entirely owned by the team. We have the privilege of serving many renowned clients and growing dynamically. However, this is just the beginning – we always want to keep getting better and help our customers do the same!



We have an ambitious and driven team with expertise ranging from innovation management to organizational development. We are passionate about developing modern user-centric web software that meets the requirements of even the most demanding enterprise customers.

At Viima, our work ethic is high. We are always ready to learn new things and enjoy carrying responsibility. We see honesty, transparency and sharing of knowledge as the keys to a top-performing team. Even though we work hard, we also like having fun! 

Trust is a key element for us, both inside the team and in customer relationships. We help customers transform the way they innovate by delivering them a top-quality product accompanied by excellent service. Building lasting, mutually beneficial and respectful relationships is the essence of what we do.

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Delivering real value to customers
Long-term product quality
High work ethic, transparency & honesty
Lasting relationships both parties enjoy

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