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Powerful Can Also Be Affordable.

Viima has plans designed for organizations of all sizes. No hidden fees or setup costs, and no credit card needed to get started.

All plans start with a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan



For teams just getting started with innovation.

  • Up to 10 users
  • 1 board
  • Self-service support
  • Basic features
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For startups and individual teams.

  • 10 users included
  • 3 boards
  • 1 automation/board
  • Self-service support
  • Basic features
  • Premium features
  • Additional user licenses available á €4/mo
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Everything a unit or SME needs to manage innovation.

  • 150 users included
  • Unlimited boards
  • 3 automations/board
  • Technical support
  • Basic features
  • Premium features
  • Additional user licenses available á €4/mo
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Unlock unlimited innovation! Best for most organizations.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited automations
  • Priority support
  • Basic features
  • Premium features
  • Enterprise features
  • The Innovation System Coaching Program
  • Optional implementation support
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All plans are annual by default. Basic plan available on a monthly basis. Prices are excluding VAT, which will be added if applicable.


organizations across the globe innovate with Viima.

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Viima is incredibly simple to use, but there's more to it than meets the eye. To understand the full power of the platform, and how to make the most out of it to drive business, it's usually helpful to get a demo from our experienced team.

For Enterprises

Our Unlimited plan is the best choice for large enterprises. However, if you have specific requirements, such as private cloud hosting, or concerns about Viima’s suitability for your needs, our Enterprise plan can be tailored to your needs.
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Compare our plans

Free Basic Pro Unlimited
Boards Boards allow you to use Viima for different purposes. Each board can have their own innovation process and access rights for maximum flexibility. 1 3 Unlimited
Users included Our Free plan includes 10 users. Paid plans include a fixed number of users starting from 10 users, and allow you to purchase more licenses for additional users. Unlimited includes unlimited user licenses. 10 10 150 Unlimited
Automations/board Beta Automate recurring tasks and enforce your processes, saving time and ensuring more uniform quality. Essential for scaling innovation in a large organization. - 1 3 Unlimited
Additional users Should you exceed the number of users included in your plan, you may choose to purchase additional user licenses - €4/user/mo €4/user/mo -
Basic features
Board templates & best practice processes Need to set up a Phase-Gate process, or want to run a brainstorming session? Viima’s multiple board templates & best practice processes help you get off to a flying start in minutes by automatically configuring everything so that you can save time and focus on innovation. We cover all the most common innovation processes and use cases, and are continuously expanding the library.
Fully customizable innovation process With Viima, you can easily configure the ideation or innovation process to match your own process. You can also modify the process at any time. No coding required.
Bubble view Viima's uniquely visual and fun bubble view helps ideators get their creative juices flowing, and supports in creating a culture of innovation.
List view Our list view is a great way to sort through and manage a large number of ideas & information quickly.
Kanban/card view Viima also offers a card-based Kanban view, which is very good for quickly getting an overview of the process, as well as for use cases such as continuous improvement, project management, and idea implementation.
Collecting, liking & commenting ideas All of our plans have the basics covered!
Mobile app Viima has a dedicated mobile version that makes it effortless to participate while on the go. It's available as native iOS and Android apps, as well as directly via web browsers.
Assign responsibility for ideas A shared responsibility often means no responsibility. That's why Viima lets you assign ideas to specific users.
Track financial impact & portfolio value You can use Viima to track the financial impact of implemented innovations and the estimated value of your innovation portfolio with our customizable business impact engine.
Filter ideas & use hashtags When there are many ideas, you need the right tools to manage and make sense of all that information. That's where our advanced filtering and hashtags come into play.
Visual ranking of ideas Viima makes it easy to identify interesting ideas with our unique visualization engine.
Tag & notify other users You can tag other users to notify them of ideas that require their attention.
Attach videos, photos and files Often plain words might not be the best way to communicate an idea. That's why Viima lets you attach all kinds of files, including photos and videos, to ideas.
Similar idea search When a user is creating a new idea, Viima automatically looks for similar ideas with our proprietary algorithm to help prevent duplicates.
Merge ideas Ideas frequently cross paths, and that's when it makes to sense to merge them. Viima makes this effortless by automatically persisting data, and crediting the authors of both idea.
Email notifications Communication is the key to continuous engagement. Viima helps you automate a large portion of that communication with our versatile email notifications.
In-app communication Viima includes tools, such as our message banner feature, that allows admins to effectively communicate with users.
Activity feeds Activity feeds help you see what's happened recently on your boards.
Gamification & leaderboards Who wouldn't want to be known as the best ideator in their company? Our gamification engine allows you to create your own rules for scoring people's activity. Leaderboards allow you to communicate these scores to users to increase engagement.
Sharing ideas You can easily share ideas via email, or to social media & internal communications platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer.
Multi-language support Viima is currently available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish & Norwegian with more to come soon!
Single Sign On (SSO) Viima provides out-of-the-box SSO for effortless and secure log in with your existing company accounts (Office365, Google G Suite).
Customizable access rights & permissions Viima has highly flexible tools for managing access rights and permissions for each board separately. That way you can securely engage just the right people in ideation.
Mass updates Need to manage tons of ideas? No need to worry! Use powerful advanced filters to choose the ideas you want to update, and Viima will take care of the rest so that you don't have to click through countless ideas.
HYPE Suite IntegrationBeta Viima is part of the HYPE Suite, the Leading Platform for Innovation Management. Once connected to the Suite, you can use Viima together with the other HYPE Products: Innovate, Partnering, and Improve, and benefit from certain shared capabilities, such as HYPE SSO.
Premium features
Idea evaluation Viima's flexible evaluation engine allows you to build an evaluation process with your own metrics, providing you with a great tool for prioritizing ideas and identifying the best ones. -
Multiple innovation processes Different kinds of innovations require different approaches, and all the best innovators know this. Viima supports an unlimited number of fully customizable ideation and innovation processes with our unique board based approach. -
Custom fields Depending your processes, you may want to collect different kinds of data. With Viima's custom fields, it's easy. You can create your own fully configurable input fields for the ideas, both on a per board, and a per status or category basis for maximum flexibility. Dropdowns, text, numbers, checkboxes, you name it and we've got it. -
Automation workflowsBeta Innovators never have enough time on their hands. Our fully customizable automation workflows help you automate recurring tasks and enforce processes, saving you tons of time and helping improve the quality of your processes. -
Real-time updates (for hackathons & workshops) Viima syncs data asynchronously in real-time between all users of your board. This allows you to run effective hackathons & online workshops regardless of where your users are located. -
Business impact analytics Tracking the financial impact of implemented innovations is great, but you also want to be able to visualize and analyze that impact, to help you understand the development of your innovation portfolio. -
Apply to be responsible for an idea Viima makes it effortless for you to run the process of choosing people to work on specific ideas. -
Pre-moderation & IPR protection Sometimes ideas might contain sensitive content or IPR, in which case you may want admins to approve them before they are visible for other participants. -
Customizable notifications Viima's notifications help automate a large portion of the communication required to run a successful ideation or innovation process. Our customisation engine helps you write fully customised messages to further improve the effectiveness of your communication. -
Customizable appearance & branding Viima provides you with highly flexible customization options for the visuals to make sure Viima fits your brand. -
Custom background images for ideas & boards Background images can help make the experience match your brand even better, and can make using Viima even more engaging. -
Move & copy ideas between boards Often great ideas come from outside the team where they get implemented. When that happens, Viima has you covered. You can easily move or copy ideas between your different Viima boards. -
Copy boards You've spent a lot of time perfecting the way you run an idea challenge and would now like to run another just like it. With Viima, you can do that in a few seconds by copying all the settings from your existing board, saving you tons of time! -
Integrations to 3rd party systems (Teams, JIRA...) Viima has built-in integrations for some of the most commonly used enterprise software, such as JIRA, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva Engage. -
REST API Viima has a fully-featured and well-documented JSON REST API that customers can use to build their own integrations. -
Intranet & CMS integrations You can easily integrate Viima boards to your intranet or other websites by embedding them there, just like you would YouTube videos. -
Advanced user roles Large organizations often need more fine-grained control over user roles. Our Unlimited and Enterprise plans include additional user roles and the ability to set default roles for new users on a board. - - -
Sandbox environment Would you like to test your new settings, processes, or integrations without fear of messing up your production data? Unlimited & Enterprise customers can get access to a separate sandbox environment where you can play around with a peace of mind. - - -
Hosting & maintenance All plans include hosting and maintenance of the software on our secure, high-availability infrastructure. Effortless peace-of-mind for you and your team.
New features & updates Customers in all plans will automatically get access to the latest updates and bug fixes, as well as most new features.
Help center All customers have access to our extensive Help Center which contains help for getting started, as well as illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to configure and use the software, and achieve business results with it.
Technical support Our responsive and helpful customer support is at the disposal of your organization admins via email - -
Priority support Unlimited plan customers also have access to priority support that extends beyond technical issues, either via email or phone. - - -
Quarterly strategy sessions Innovation is, without a doubt, hard. If you choose to, you can enlist our help in ensuring that you get on the right track to deliver measurable results with innovation. We sit down on a quarterly basis to help you with your current challenges, and to monitor the progress towards the goals we've set together. - - -
Dedicated account manager A dedicated innovation professional from Viima's team who knows your specific requirements and is thus best able to support in day-to-day as well as strategic needs. - - -
The Innovation System Coaching Program The Innovation System is Viima's online coaching program for innovation managers. It's comprised of extensive video lectures, tools, templates, best practices, as well as optional 1-on-1 coaching. The Innovation System is included in the Unlimited and Enterprise plans.
Viima Ignite While we provide plenty of free training materials and instructions, there's value in having an experienced expert help in getting started and designing the processes around the tool. Viima Ignite is our standard support package for ensuring your implementation goes smoothly. -
Implementation support If you'd like us to design a tailored approach for helping you configure Viima, integrate it with your processes and systems, as well as supporting the rollout, we can find the right solution for your specific needs. - -
Enterprise Features
Enterprise SSO (SAML, AD, Okta, Ping) Our Unlimited and Enterprise plans support a number of other enterprise SSO identity providers, such as Okta, Microsoft Active Directory, Ping Identity, as well as custom SAML-based authentication flows. - - -
Integrations to additional systems Viima's APIs make it easy to integrate to 3rd party systems, and we offer integrations to other systems for Enterprise clients upon request - - -
Translations to additional languages Viima is easy to translate to new languages that may be required by some of your users. - - -
On-premise & private cloud hosting If separately agreed upon, Viima can also be installed as an on-premise or private cloud solution. - - -
Full whitelabeling If separately agreed upon, Viima can also be made to look like an in-house solution. - - -
R&D Collaboration Customers are the most important driver of our R&D roadmap. Unlimited & Enterprise customers have the option of playing a larger role in shaping it. - - -
Custom terms & SLA Some enterprises may need customized contracts and terms, or a higher SLA than what we offer by standard. These are available as part of our Enterprise plan for an additional fee. - - -

Enterprise-grade reliability, security and flexibility.

All of Viima's plans are enterprise-grade, while still being super easy and engaging to use. That's the Viima difference.


Our board based design allows you to flexibly adapt to your innovation needs without IT support. Adjustable appearance, fine-grained control over features, SSO & flexible user management and easy integrations are the name of the game.


Viima scales all the way from small teams to the Global Fortune 500. Have thousands of users and hundreds of simultaneous processes and use cases? No problem. As your innovation operations grow, Viima grows with you.


We follow industry standards and best practices, such as ISO 27001, and are regularly audited by third parties. We are also fully GDPR compliant. You always maintain ownership and control for all of your data.
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