Intuitive overview of ideas

Visual patterns tend to be appealing to humans which is why we at Viima have placed visuality at the core of our solution. 

Our uniquely visual and playful user interface enables people to get an overview of  what's going on in a heartbeat. What's more, users really enjoy using it! Higher engagement leads to more and better ideas.


Developing ideas should be transparent

The original raw ideas are rarely usable as such, but rather require further refinement. Viima makes developing the ideas a social activity within the organization, allowing anyone to pitch in.

People can like, comment and share ideas, upload files, photos and videos, as well as use hashtags to link ideas to a certain theme. Users can also mention each other to let the right person know about the idea.

Evaluate ideas to identify the best ones

Once you have plenty of ideas, prioritisation quickly becomes a key consideration. Viima offers the possibility to quickly and easily evaluate ideas based on metrics that you can yourself define, such as business potential and investment required to implement the idea. You can easily gather evaluations from people across your organization.

As the road from an idea to an innovation isn't linear, each phase in the process can have their own sets of evaluations suitable for the specific phase in the lifecycle of the idea, supporting the popular Stage-Gate Innovation Process.

Analysing ideas

Analysing ideas can be easy

Gathering data is only half the battle, you also need to analyze it before you can take advantage of the insights. Viima offers a number of tools for making your work easier, including multiple visualization options with versatile sorting and filtering functionality, as well as our proprietary Viima score that automatically ranks your ideas based on the data available.

Plus, if nothing else is enough, you can always export the data and continue your work in Excel or other BI tools.

Assign ideas to people

There's a lot of truth in “Shared responsibility is no responsibility at all.”

Viima allows you to assign people as responsible for progressing an idea. This dramatically improves communication and ensures that people will be held accountable for their actions, or lack thereof,  in both good and bad.

If you're not quite sure who the right person would be, Viima also lets people apply to be responsible for an idea, ensuring that you'll have highly motivated people in charge of progressing the idea.

viima idea campaigns

Run idea campaigns quickly & easily

Idea campaigns are an effective way to focus the entire creative power of your organization to solve a specific challenge but setting one up often takes a lot of time and resources. With Viima, you can create and set up an idea campaign in just minutes using our unique board templates.

Idea campaigns can also help you to communicate the importance of strategic development areas and engage your stakeholders more effectively.

Fit for every use case

Ideation is a diverse area. While one process and set of settings are well suited for one use case, they're less than ideal for others.

You can create an unlimited number of boards in Viima, each with their own processes, access restrictions and use cases. It's super quick and simple to set up a new one and invite the people you want whenever you need to quickly gather some ideas, be it from your employees, customers, or partners.

Viima Organization Dashboard Wide

Make progress transparent

Ideas in themselves are nothing but a start, they actually need to be implemented. Viima makes it effortless to manage and visualize your innovation process, giving people a quick overview of the entire funnel. Viima also automatically notifies relevant stakeholders about recent development. All of this dramatically improves transparency and communication.

Write down ideas on the go

Viima has a mobile version that's always with you. Uploading photos, writing down ideas while on the go, or just quickly replying to a new comment are all a breeze.

Just like ideas, Viima is not limited to your desk.

Viima is available on iOS, Android and also works via modern mobile web browsers.

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Recognize & reward employees to keep them engaged

Viima's gamification feature automatically ranks both active contributors and the best ideators, giving recognition where it's due. Who wouldn't want to be the most innovative person in your company?

Viima Most Active Contributors List Square

Log in with existing accounts

Out-of-the-box Single-Sign-On (SSO) means that people can log in with their existing accounts right away. No integration projects needed.

All the most common service providers, for example Google for Business, Microsoft Active Directory, and Azure AD (Office 365), are supported and can be enabled with just a couple of clicks.

Effortlessly customizable on-the-fly

Viima is simple and easy to use, but it also  adjusts to your varying needs. You no longer need to know everything before you start because it's super simple to adapt on-the-fly when you learn what works best in your case.

Functionality, visuals, process stages, categorization, and access control are all easily customisable and configurable from our administration portal to match your with just a few clicks.

Admin process/status configuration


Start in minutes

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