Use Cases

Viima drives innovation for you in multiple ways

Viima is an idea management software that drives business results for you in various situations. The use cases might sound quite different but have one thing in common: the ambition of gathering extensive creative input from stakeholders and funneling that towards concrete actions to drive your business forward. With Viima you can invite your target audience - for example employees, customers or partners - to participate in ideation and to develop ideas further together. Explore the diverse use cases below to see how Viima can help your organization.


Idea Management

Structure the way your organization collects ideas from stakeholders so that the valuable ones will never be lost. The right platform brings you competitive advantage by strengthening your capacity for innovation.

Open Innovation

Access the vast knowledge and experience of your company's network with open innovation. Engaging external partners in innovation offers you fresh viewpoints and helps staying competitive.

Idea Challenges

Focus ideation activities around a challenge to find targeted solutions to specific problems. Collective creativity reveals perspectives that might not come to you alone.

Collaborative Strategy Process

Involve the entire staff in collaboratively formulating and implementing strategy. Active participation and open communication ensure people understand and are committed to the new strategic direction.

Continuous Improvement

Achieve operational excellence by gathering improvement suggestions from employees at all levels. Sharing good practices transparently across borders makes your organization work smarter and better.

Innovation Management

Manage innovation effectively and transparently to ensure that captured ideas are developed into profitable innovations, no matter where they come from. Innovation deserves to be a strategic priority.

Voice of the Customer

Co-create with your customers to drive business success. Asking clients to participate in ideation enables you to spot important signals and helps build customer engagement.

Why Viima adapts to different use situations?

We think that it is useful to reduce the number of different tools and focus on versatility of one platform instead. That way your organization can focus on the essential. Viima offers a single solution to multiple needs because it is:


The admin can freely choose which functions to use, what kind of notifications to send and how the platform looks like, for example. Thus, the combination matches the specific situation of your organization.



The platform supports open communication about the ideas and encourages lively discussion to develop them together. Everybody can see the current stage of the initiatives to keep on track of the progress.


The software can be incorporated into current systems, like your company’s intranet. Logging in is also possible via existing accounts, such as Office 365.


The use of Viima is not tied to time or place. You can access the platform through your phone or computer anywhere you have an internet connection and anytime the best ideas come to you.


The participants are rewarded for active engagement in the ideation process and therefore attracted to return. The encouraging atmosphere builds innovative company culture.


Viima puts the user first. Therefore, we have worked hard to build an intuitive user experience that is both playful and effective.



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