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Discover the many ways in which Viima can help you drive value with innovation.


Enterprise-grade reliability, security and flexibility.

Viima's versatility offers a wealth of opportunities, and with the right approach, the potential for its use is virtually limitless. With Viima, you have the power to maximize your innovation potential and drive your business forward. 

Our board based design allows you to flexibly adapt to your innovation needs without IT support. Adjustable appearance, fine-grained control over features, SSO & flexible user management and easy integrations are the name of the game.
Viima scales all the way from small teams to the Global Fortune 500. Have thousands of users and hundreds of simultaneous processes and use cases? No problem. As your innovation operations grow, Viima grows with you.
We follow industry standards and best practices, such as ISO 27001, and are regularly audited by third parties. We are also fully GDPR compliant. You always maintain ownership and control for all of your data.
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Results that speak for themselves

 20000+ organizations use Viima on a daily basis and reap the benefits of using our innovation platform. We help customers worldwide achieve measurable results and make more innovation happen. 

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