Collaborative Strategy Process

Involve employees in strategy work

Strategy process refers to defining the mission and vision of the organization as well as the actions to advance them. Since it is the employees who make the company, it is essential that they have a say in what the organization is, what it does and why. In an ideal situation, the entire staff would participate in collaboratively formulating and implementing strategy when companies grow and adapt to changing markets. Involvement ensures that people are committed to the new strategic direction and take action to make it a reality. A good communication channel is a prerequisite of success for a collaborative strategy process.


The challenge

When it comes to strategy, the challenge often faced by companies is keeping employees engaged and committed. Employee satisfaction drives the business forward but it is hard to achieve if the staff does not feel they that their opinions matter. However, collaborating with the workforce in both formulation and implementation of the strategy is easier said than done. It is a time consuming, incremental project that requires courage to accept input from others.

What is more, if cooperation does not work, the situation may turn into competition involving contradicting agendas about the strategic direction and the ways to carry it out. Thus, providing consistent messages and ensuring everyone (not only the decision makers) is on board, is a task companies must do well in. The earlier the personnel can contribute to strategy, the higher the chances of succeeding in implementing it in practice.

collaborative strategy process
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The solution

To discover how employees would solve company challenges and how they would put the strategy into action, an interactive communication tool is needed. It should support active questioning and answering, facilitate open and inclusive teamwork as well as activate creative contributions from all employees.

Viima is trusted by many organizations as the optimal platform for collaborative strategy processes. With Viima, small individual ideas are collected so that a bigger plan can be formed. When people follow their ideas going forward and participate in discussion, they feel more empowered to execute the strategy later on and also understand it better.

Ville Simola
Lassila & Tikanoja

Viima’s ideation tool has worked well for us in gathering new ideas and development suggestions related to our digital business opportunities.

The tool's visuality, a playful way to show the ideas and a possibility to engage people to the ideation process are the best parts of Viima. Highly recommended!

The key benefits

Provides a clear place to discuss strategy

Promotes openness and participation

Improves the employees’ commitment to strategy

Shows that the company cares about feedback

Guides the focus to the most important ideas

Offers a forum to find concrete actions to fulfill the strategy

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