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Challenge your employees to innovate.

Idea challenges are a great way to make sure your innovation work is focused and strategically aligned. They are a great way to harness your entire organization's innovation potential on what matters and build a more innovative culture in the process.

Setting a challenge up must be quick but flexibility and ease of use are also key for successfully running them.
Capturing all the diverse insights your employees or customers hold is the key to finding the best opportunities.
Engaging the participants to collectively further develop the ideas into more refined concepts dramatically improves quality.
Choosing the right ideas to implement is the hardest part. The right tools help you make better decisions consistently.

How it works

You challenge your employees to come up with ideas, for example, for improving customer retention
Alice submits a new idea she thinks would help solve a common customer problem
John attaches a business case calculation to the idea and notifies Katie
Katie evaluates the ideas at the end of the challenge and rates Alice's idea as highly potential
Katie drafts a plan and assigns the idea to Ben's team for implementation next month
Ben implements the idea and customer retention improves by 4%, worth an extra $350k annually

The result? Tons of ideas ready to help you reach your goals.

A well-run idea challenge not only provides you with tons of ideas, but also helps refine them into concepts that you can go ahead and implement, helping you to quickly reach solve crucial problems or address key opportunities.

What's more, it also helps you build a more innovative culture and focus your organization on the strategically important matters.

bubble_chart Diverse and refined ideas to important challenges
center_focus_strong Focuses your entire organization on what matters
people Helps build a more innovative culture
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Viima helps make more innovation happen

Running idea challenges is a breeze with Viima.

Every idea challenge is unique so there are quite a few moving parts. You need a tool that is simple and easy to use, yet versatile enough to work in different kinds of campaigns. With Viima, you get the best of both worlds: ease-of-use and competitive pricing combined with enterprise-grade flexibility and reliability.


The more ideas you collect from different groups of people, the better prepared you are to progress the right ones. We've made it super easy for you to collect ideas so that you never have to miss one again.
Quick setup
Setting up a new idea challenge is a breeze: you can set up new challenges and start inviting users to them within minutes.
Adapts to your needs
Want to run a challenge for all your customers and another one for one of your departments? No worries. Viima's uniquely flexible system easily adapts to whatever needs you have, no coding required.
Run multiple challenges
You can easily run multiple, even simultaneous, challenges for different audiences with the help of Viima boards. You simply choose the theme and decide who gets to see and what.
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For an idea challenge to be successful, you obviously need to collect ideas from the participants. A lot of them. Viima was designed to make ideation as easy and fun as possible, which is why we have the best activity rates in the industry.
People love using Viima
Our uniquely fun and playful approach to ideation is guaranteed to get people's creative juices flowing.
Visual insights
Viima's unique visualization allows users to quickly see the big picture and spot trends in the sea of ideas, as well as zoom in on the things they find most interesting.
Effortless management
Viima helps you categorize the ideas and link related ideas to one another. There are also other tools, such as automated notifications and duplicate prevention that make your life easier in managing the challenge.
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Model your own process
As every idea challenge is unique, you need a tool, like Viima, that flexibly adjusts to the varying processes and timelines of your challenges.
Engage the right people
Viima helps you dig deeper and turn rough ideas into solid concepts with powerful discussion features such as mentioning specific people and adding attachments.
Responsibility → Progress
Shared responsibility often means no responsibility. Viima helps you make sure that it's always someone's job to progress every idea so that the ideas people come up with actually get implemented.
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Choosing the right ideas to implement is often the hardest part in the idea challenge. To succeed, you need a solid process and the right tools.
Flexible evaluation system
Viima provides a flexible engine for evaluating ideas: choose your own metrics and pick the right people to rate the ideas on them.
Automated idea scoring
Evaluations are automatically used to calculate a Viima score for every idea, which can be used to help prioritize the ideas.
Powerful visualization options
Our powerful visualization tools help you make informed decisions without taking too much time doing so.
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What our customers are saying

Alex Demaegdt reference image
The use of Viima helped us start a process of open innovation within our organization very quickly. The user-friendly interface is a must-have to make these types of initiatives successful. Viima allows us to collaborate directly with the users and give us a lot of flexibility for starting new projects.

This solution, supported by its accommodating and proactive team, helps us to innovate in a new way and promote the ideas of our most creative collaborators. Our first ideation campaign was prolific and much appreciated by the participants. For all these reasons, I personally recommend Viima to companies that want to launch an open innovation program and get results quickly.
Alex Demaegdt
Bureau Veritas
Ville Simola reference image
Viima’s ideation tool has worked well for us in gathering new ideas and development suggestions related to our digital business opportunities.

The tool's visuality, a playful way to show the ideas and a possibility to engage people to the ideation process are the best parts of Viima. Highly recommended!
Ville Simola
Lassila & Tikanoja

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