Idea Challenges

Focus ideation on the essential

An idea challenge is a focused form of innovation where you raise a desire, concern or area of improvement with the hopes of finding creative solutions. It usually starts with a question that is asked from a specific target audience and regulated with predefined parameters. With different specifications, idea challenges can be modified to fit a variety of different use cases. The problems can range from complex strategic matters to improvements in daily work.

So, basically an idea challenge is just a way of focusing ideation to yield the most effective of ideas and insights. Gathering collective creative solution suggestions to specific matters is easier with a good platform. For more tips and best practices, check our Complete Guide to Idea Challenges.


The challenge

Oftentimes, issues with idea challenges begin with an insufficient definition of the question: it can be either too wide or too specific. Setting a clear goal for the campaign facilitates formulating the task. The challenge can be put in form of a problem or an opportunity but in both cases, it should direct the conversation to the desired direction. Later, it can also be difficult to know which of the proposed ideas to choose as the best solutions.  

What is more, idea challenges must be well planned to successfully drive innovation. Organizations should for example find the right channels to communicate and execute the campaign. The target audience and parties in charge of the idea challenge also need to be refined. Although planning would go well, too many companies forget that for innovation to flourish, long-term commitment is required. Thus, idea challenges are a good way to boost ideation, but idea management should be an ongoing habit.

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The solution

Beating these potential challenges is easier with a tool that takes care of managing the idea challenges. Successful campaigns can bring many important benefits to the organization. Firstly, they make it possible to gather a lot of ideas even with limited resources while guiding inputs towards the task at hand. Secondly, these challenges raise general interest in innovation and bring up prioritized areas of improvement. Thirdly, they promote open communication and participation.

Viima is widely used for idea challenges in many organizations. It facilitates interaction around the topic, permits evaluation of the ideas and follows their implementation. The tool updates the relevant audience about the progress and motivates them to contribute. In addition, Viima is easy-to-use, widely accessible and effortless to introduce.

Ville Simola
Lassila & Tikanoja
Viima’s ideation tool has worked well for us in gathering new ideas and development suggestions related to our digital business opportunities.

The tool's visuality, a playful way to show the ideas and a possibility to engage people to the ideation process are the best parts of Viima. Highly recommended!

The key benefits

Offers a handy place to execute idea campaigns

Boosts ideation activity around specific themes

Manages submissions and supports collaborative development

Facilitates evaluation and follows progress

Motivates participants and keeps them informed

Adapts to large or limited audiences

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