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Idea management is about structuring the way your organization gathers, develops and implements ideas. The goal here is to find the diamond in the rough. To generate most value to the firm, it is essential to get the maximal ideational input from relevant stakeholders, such as employees, customers or partners. Bare ideas, however, are often not enough and that is why developing them before implementation is equally important. By adapting a good idea management software designed for this purpose, the whole idea management process becomes more effective and discovering hidden treasures turns easier.


The challenge

It is not rare that companies stammer when searching for new ideas. No wonder if the innovation responsibility is left to only certain departments even though the creative capability inside the organization would be much bigger. Also, other smart people external to the company might have interesting perspectives. The challenge is to realize the full potential of this omnipresent idea resource.

Although harvesting versatile ideas would be a success and no good ones would be lost, the work is not ready yet. Improvements require action. Companies need to encourage people to discuss the initiatives together, evaluate their feasibility and make improvements. Ultimately the chosen ideas must be moved from the “to do” list to “done”.

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The solution

Introducing an effective idea management software in your company will help you overcome these hurdles. A well planned, structured process for capturing, improving and utilizing ideas strengthens your capacity for innovation. This can be a vital competitive advantage in today’s ever changing world.

Many organizations have chosen Viima as their idea management software since it offers multiple benefits. Firstly, the software is user-friendly and truly engages the participants in the process with its rewarding and playful features. Secondly, its transparency is useful for sharing best practices and following the progression of the ideas. Thirdly, the platform adapts to different ideation projects conveniently.

Pauliina Heiskanen
With Viima, we have been able to create a shared and transparent ideation and innovation process. The tool’s joyful and playful visual appearance and ease of use make it effortless for people to participate and engage.

With Viima we can recognize the themes that are on the top of our staff's mind at any given moment as well as highlight the topical and essential development areas. 

The key benefits

Encourages people to share their ideas

Fosters teamwork in idea development

Helps to track the current state of ideas

Allows multiple ideation projects at the same time

Guides the focus to the most important ideas

Builds open communi-cation about ideas

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