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Your go-to solution for Open Innovation

Viima supports multiple simultaneous idea management processes, is easily customizable, and enables evaluation, transparency, and participation from different stakeholders. 

Leverage the collective intelligence and creativity of the crowds

Viima makes it easy to collect, evaluate and implement ideas from external sources such as customers, suppliers, and partners.

Allow external stakeholders to submit ideas and customise the process to fit your innovation process. To get started in minutes, use the dedicated Open Innovation board template, specifically designed for this purpose.
Whether you decide to collaborate with customers, suppliers or the general public, you can set the level of transparency, anonymity and involvement of your participants to easily manage your open innovation initiative.
Prioritize & Develop
Ideas are just the beginning. Viima helps you build a systematic process for picking the rights ones to focus and turn into ideas.
Managing ideas, building a community, and reinforcing processes can be a lot of work. Viima helps you automate routine repetitive tasks so that you can focus on innovation.
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Why open your innovation?
Access a wide range of ideas and expertise
By having a systematic approach to collecting and managing ideas from a variety of sources, you'll be able to get more insights. Those insights help you make better decisions and generate more innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges.
Collaborate and create networking opportunities
Connect with external partners and experts, build relationships and expand your network, to open up new opportunities for collaboration and growth.
Improve customer engagement
Engage with customers and external stakeholders more effectively. Involve customers and partners in your innovation process to gain valuable insights into their needs and preferences, leading to more customer-centric products and services. 
It's easy to get overwhelmed by the great number of ideas you receive. With Viima you can simply set your evaluation criteria to help you spot the best ones.
The best innovators are constantly looking to get better. Viima helps you fix bottlenecks, speed up decision-making, and make more innovation happen.

Ready to unleash your innovation potential?

Want to see how Viima can streamline your open innovation process? 
Use our Open Innovation board template to start collecting ideas in minutes.

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How others do it

Signify is successfully harnessing the power of the crowds through their SEED program and with Viima's help. Bringing together 180 suppliers and their 800 employees from around the globe, they use Viima to collect, develop and implement ideas on cost reductions, value increase, changes in operations, and new product concepts.

With Viima, Signify is successfully leveraging the knowledge and creativity of the crowds through co-creation, and collaboration. 

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Viima immediately resolved the indirect communication in our ideation process and changed it into ‘live’ collaborative ideation from any location.

The combination of Viima, our suppliers, and the Signify team allowed the fantastic outcome of SEED 2022.

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