Open Innovation

Co-create with external partners

In open innovation, external ideas are used together with the internal ones. The approach stresses the importance of relationships between the firm and its outside partners, such as collaborating companies, academic institutions or governmental actors. It is worthwhile to have a distributed innovation process because today the information is widely spread, too. As a result of outside involvement, insights are more comprehensive and perspectives are fresher. To open the door for successful external input that benefits your business, an appropriate tool is necessary.


The challenge

Oftentimes even smart companies have difficulties remembering that the best ideas do not always originate inside their organization. Information flow from external audiences may solve challenges in ways that did not occur inhouse. When the sources of information are more diverse, better ideas can be developed.

In addition, although the importance of open innovation would be well understood, companies might face challenges in its implementation. It can be hard to find a way to manage large-scale creative collaboration. Concerns related to the information safety and business value of the open innovation project may arise and they might even cancel the plans of co-creating with external partners.

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The solution

To invite partners to collaboratively innovate with you, you need an environment where to do it. Good open innovation platforms increase both speed and quality of the process. Engaging your ecosystem in innovation can yield sustainable competitive advantage by bringing you novel ideas and early feedback.

Viima has successfully enabled many companies to innovate with their external partners. The software gives you a clear place for all discussion related to open innovation. Using Viima is effortless even if the participants would come from different organizations or even continents: you can see the content real-time anywhere and log in with existing accounts.

Maria Hausen

We used Viima as a platform for our open innovation project, Yle Kipinä. With Viima, we collected ideas from the general public, voted for the ones to get forward, developed ideas together with the audience and conducted a final public voting. Integrating our existing log-in system to the software made it handy.

Viima’s user interface is visual and simple. Getting the system up and running was an easy task for YLE employees. Also, collaboration with Viima was effortless. The guys at Viima were very proactive and open to development ideas.

The key benefits

Fosters internal questioning and fresh thinking

Brings new perspectives to innovation from outside the company

Opens the possibilities for transparent feedback

Helps determining valuable ideas and mitigating innovation risks

Supports in utilizing your professional network

Creates competitive advantage that is hard to copy

Watch how If P&C Insurance uses Viima

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