Voice of the Customer

Engage your customers in innovation

Voice of the customer refers to a comprehensive set of customer needs and wants, or opinions and ideas, that are collected and organized to guide the business in the right direction. Collaborating with customers enables you to spot important signals proactively so that problems can be solved earlier and changing requirements of the customers can be accommodated. Simultaneously it builds customer engagement and brand loyalty since it sets the customer in an important role and aims to provide excellent products and services. A handy platform for co-creating with customers is a must to benefit from mass intelligence.


The challenge

Various challenges may emerge when listening to the voice of the customer. First of all, companies have to spend more time managing big groups of participants, which in turn leaves less time for the actual problem-solving. Secondly, accommodating the vast amount of views in a fair and transparent manner can be hard. Compromises are likely to occur since everyone has their own opinion.

Furthermore, the ideas collected from the crowd of customers are usually not ready for execution right away but require evaluation and elaboration. It is challenging to do this effectively. Asking the clients for input and opinions gives them a chance to influence the business. However, there is also the possibility that some ideas will not be implemented which can cause annoyance.

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The solution

Inviting your customers to voice their opinions gives you immediate feedback and answers to your questions. You can learn from people with different skills or backgrounds and create more versatile conversations about topics that matter to your company. While you gain deeper insights, customers create more buzz around your company.

Viima has enabled many organizations to do just this. It can be used as a branded co-creation platform that allows timely and simple interaction directly with customers. For example, idea competitions, feedback campaigns or innovation challenges can be organized to harvest thoughts from the crowd. With this information, you can respond better to customer needs and improve your success.

Ville Välikoski

We’ve been able to activate as many as 50% of our customers to give feedback in the Viima platform, analyze what the key customer needs are and how to respond to them. We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to have meaningful dialog with our customers.

With Viima’s tool we’ve received lots of valuable ideas that would have otherwise been missed. The best thing is that those ideas have been given to us directly by the customers meaning that they are topical and that they aren’t biased.

The key benefits

Boosts customer engagement and relationships

Allows you to gain insight about customers’ thoughts

Adds discussion to turn ideas into feasible concepts

Helps your company to stay competitive

Enables significant cost savings

Adapts to small customer communities or the general public

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