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Listen to your customers and engage them to innovate with you

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Engage your customers to innovate with you.

Actively listening to your customers is one of the most powerful ways to develop your business. Your job, after all, is to provide them with as much value as possible. What's more, by truly understanding their needs, you'll find unsatisfied needs to innovate and build further business on.

To hear the voice of the customer, you must first engage them to discuss with you. The right tools are crucial for getting it right at scale.
Discussions alone won't lead to action. The first step is to systematically collect the thoughts and refine them into ideas.
There's usually quite a bit of work involved in refining raw ideas into useful concepts ready to be implemented. The right tools help you facilitate the work.
By analyzing your voice of the customer process, you can identify where the most value could be created. It also helps you to constantly get better at your work.

How it works

You ask your customers to provide you with ideas on, for example, how your services could be better.
A customer submits a new idea she thinks would help her reach her goals
You can ask the customer for more information to refine the idea into a solid concept
A manager evaluates the refined idea and recognizes that this idea could help other customers too
The manager drafts a plan and assigns Ben to assemble a team to start implementing it
Ben implements the idea and you let your customers know that it's ready, increasing your customer retention by 3%

The result? More innovation and more engaged customers.

By having a systematic approach to listening to your customers, as well as collecting and managing ideas from them, you'll be able to get more insight into their desires.

Those insights help you innovate and serve your customers better, ultimately creating competitive advantage. What's more, the process also helps you build a more loyal and engaged customer base.

timeline Identify ways to serve your customers better
attach_money Turn customer insights effectively into results
people More loyal and engaged customers
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More customer insights lead to more innovation

Viima helps you collect ideas and turn them into results.

Listening is just the first step in the voice of the customer process. To turn insights, ideas and discussions into measurable business results, a systematic approach is required. Viima is the tool that helps you do this. It's versatile and flexible enough to be used even with the largest of audiences, yet so simple and fun that people actually love using it.


The more ideas you collect from different groups of people, the better prepared you are to progress the right ones. We've made it super easy for you to collect ideas from multiple different audiences so that you never have to miss one again.
People love using Viima
Our uniquely fun and playful approach to ideation is guaranteed to get people more excited to participate in the discussion.
Effortless participation
To engage people, it must be super easy for them to participate. Viima helps you by making it effortless for you to invite customers to join by signing in with their existing accounts, such as Google or Facebook.
Boards make it flexible
You can easily engage a variety of different customer segments in varying activities with different Viima boards. You choose the theme and decide who gets to see and what.
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The key to success in customer engagement is to build an active community for coming up with ideas on how to get better, not just to ask them to answer a survey.
Effortless ideation
Viima makes it easy for people to leave ideas, wherever they are. What's more, the ideas are automatically categorized and duplicates detected so that everyone can focus on the essential.
Focused discussion
The discussion in communities can often get carried away. Viima's design makes sure that discussion is always focused on ideas, which ensures that it's useful.
Guide your users
Without guidance, your customers are likely to leave all kinds of ideas. While that can be powerful, you often want to focus your ideation on a specific theme. Viima has many features to help you guide your users.
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Henry Ford's customers wanted faster horses, not cars. He listened but didn't just go ahead implementing the idea. He refined it to provide them with even more value, just like you should do with your customer's ideas.
Engage the right people
Probe in on the rationale behind the ideas to better understand the needs of the customers with the help of powerful discussion features, such as mentioning specific people and adding attachments.
Communicate your process
It's important for customers to know what's happening with their ideas. Viima allows you to model your own process and automatically notifies everyone involved when something happens to it.
Powerful evaluation tools
Viima has a flexible evaluation system that allows you to engage the audience by asking them to rate the ideas on whatever metrics you want to use to provide you with powerful quantitative data.
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The best companies are constantly looking to get better. We provide you with tools that help you analyze your process and understand your customers better.
Overview of current status
Our analytics provide you with an overview of where you are, and which direction you're headed towards, at a glance.
Fix your bottlenecks
Every process has bottlenecks. We help you identify the ones in your voice of the customer process so that you can address them.
Spot trends in your data
With a systematic process for listening to your customers, you'll be able to spot trends and identify areas worth investigating in more detail.
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What our customers are saying

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We’ve been able to activate as many as 50% of our customers to give feedback in the Viima platform, analyze what the key customer needs are and how to respond to them. We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to have meaningful dialog with our customers.

With Viima’s tool we’ve received lots of valuable ideas that would have otherwise been missed. The best thing is that those ideas have been given to us directly by the customers meaning that they are topical and that they aren’t biased.
Ville Välikoski
Petalidis Profile block
Working with the Viima team has been excellent. We now use Viima every day for our innovation application management and evaluation.

This is a truly professional outfit with a solution that is flexible, straightforward and immediately implementable. The Viima stakeholders understand client service and are constantly on the ball. Highly recommended!
Dr. Lawrence P. Petalidis

Viima is free for an unlimited number of users

It takes just minutes to get started with Viima. We've also made it completely free so that you can join the thousands of organizations already using Viima and see the benefits for yourself.

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