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organizations across the globe innovate with Viima.

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Simple & Easy-to-Use

Getting started with Viima takes just minutes. No training necessary. It's easy, effortless, and fun for both end-users and admins, but there's more to Viima than meets the eye at first glance.


There are countless ways to innovate, and what works for one, doesn't for another. Viima has been designed to effortlessly adapt to any process or need, from stage-gate to lean startup, hackathons, and much more.


Every top innovator has dozens of teams and different processes for different kinds of innovation within their organization. Viima scales effortlessly with you: from one team to enterprise-wide adoption.
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Here's How It Works.


Viima makes it effortless for you to gather ideas from employees, customers, and other stakeholders.


Viima makes it easy to refine ideas, pick the right ones to work on, and then implement. All together with your team.



Viima helps analyze your innovation processes to see how you're doing, as well as to find & eliminate bottlenecks.


Top innovators scale their efforts organization-wide. Automate routines & make success repeatable.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Arnold Chatelain Viima Reference

We were looking for an application to support our ideation process with our suppliers: easy to use, everywhere, every time, collaborative and affordable.

We found Viima. The great results talk for themselves. Our suppliers like it.

Katri Kennedy Viima reference
We've harnessed our entire customer service workforce to collaboratively and transparently refine ideas that originate from our customer needs. Viima is a very engaging, intuitive, and – above all – a fun tool to use!

The collaboration with Viima has also been exemplary in every way and the service has adapted to our needs very flexibly.
Alex Demaegdt Viima Reference
The use of Viima helped us start a process of open innovation within our organization very quickly. The user-friendly interface is a must-have. Viima allows us to collaborate directly with users and gives us a lot of flexibility.
I recommend Viima to companies that want to launch an open innovation program and get results quickly.

Check Our Case Studies

Looking for more details and practical examples? Our Case Studies show how companies such as L'Oréal & Signify use Viima to drive more innovation.

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