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Viima idea management solution is fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint

We at Viima believe that idea management process should be engaging, fun and effective! 

Idea management is done right when it brings immediate positive results to the team and benefits the whole organization. Working is no longer limited to time or place and we are constantly trying to find new, more effective and creative ways to work individually and together with our teams.

Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet where internal and external stakeholders can share information and utilize professional networks. SharePoint recently quit supporting its Ideas&Votes-feature, which already had some limitations when it came to supporting an integrated idea management process.

While SharePoint is a great tool for sharing information, alone it fails to capture tacit knowledge and to engage team members in continuous, structured and result-oriented ideation process.

Luckily, Viima's idea management solution integrates with SharePoint and other Office 365 collaboration tools, providing you with an effective tool for managing your ideas.


Best solution for idea management in SharePoint


Idea management can be challenging if collective information is scattered. Valuable comments and ideas are often shared via community feedback forums and chats and might get lost when idea management lacks proper tools and processes.

If you are looking for the best solution for SharePoint idea management, your goal should be to find a separate idea management tool that integrates with your existing collaboration systems. We believe that Viima is the best idea management software out there – it offers you a seamless user experience with SharePoint and other Office 365 tools!

Core benefits of Viima idea management software



Higher Activity Rate

People are the key element in generating new ideas and turning these ideas into concrete results. Integrating Viima with SharePoint adds visibility for your  Viima boards and increases activity, resulting in continuous flow of valuable ideas.


New Business Initiatives

Finding new revenue streams is essential to growing a business. The best ideas will often develop when the sources of information are more diverse. With Viima, you'll gather real-time ideas in one platform within SharePoint, which helps you improve your current services and helps you discover new business opportunities. 


Continuous Improvement

Aspire for organizational excellence by promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Hundreds of minor improvements add up to a huge difference over time. When employees see that their ideas are heard, and their expertise valued, they are also going to be more engaged and satisfied at work.

This is Viima

 Take a look at some of the highlights from Viima's integrated idea management software. For the full list of feature, please see our product tour.


Visual and playful user experience

Visuality is at the core of our tool and that's why our users really enjoy it!

Viima's playful user interface is unique and highly engaging because it demonstrates clearly which ideas are new or most popular. You will get a visualized overview of what's going on in one customizable view. With our multiple visualization tools, you are able to sort ideas based on different criteria, such as idea progress status or category.


Identify the best ideas with idea evaluation

Idea evaluation helps you to involve people in your ideation process so that you can make more educated decisions. 

Viima's useful idea evaluation feature makes prioritisation easy and lets you capture valuable opinions and feedback from people across your organization. With Viima you have the possibility to evaluate ideas based on metrics that you can yourself define.


Analyse ideas easily

Before taking advantage of the valuable insights of your data, it needs to be analyzed. 

Viima's analysis tool is fully customizable and it offers a clear and powerful analytics dashboard for admin users. It visualizes your data and if preferred, it automatically ranks your ideas based on the data available, generating a Viima Score. With Viima, you can study how active the participants have been and view the performance of the different stages of the funnel.


Seamless integration with SharePoint

Viima integrates seamlessly with SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise.

Access Viima directly from SharePoint and capture the ideas of the crowd in one secure place. In SharePoint, more people can join the ideation process and you can see the real-time activities in SharePoint by embedding your Viima activity feed as a widget. This helps you and your team to be on top of the progress of each idea.

This is what you want from an idea management solution

Reducing the number of different tools and focusing on the versatility of one integrated platform is a great way to enhance your processes so you and your team can focus on the essential! 

Viima offers a single solution to multiple needs because it is:



Viima puts the user first by offering a highly visual user experience for sharing new ideas. Great looking platform makes ideation more fun which keeps your employees and customers even happier.



Viima offers a responsive web application with dedicated user interfaces for mobile and desktop. You can access the platform through any device anywhere you have an internet connection and anytime the best ideas come to you.



The platform supports open communication about the ideas and encourages lively discussion to develop them together. Everybody can see the current stage of the initiatives to keep on track of the progress.



The admin can freely choose which functions to use, what kind of notifications to send and how the platform looks like, for example. Thus, the combination matches the specific situation of your organization.



Viima is easily scalable and always within reach regardless of the size of your organization. It adapts to the diverse needs of both smaller companies and larger corporations. 



The participants are rewarded for active engagement in the ideation process and are therefore attracted to return. The encouraging and gamifying atmosphere builds innovative company culture.

Integrate Viima with SharePoint


Embedding a Viima board to SharePoint is a great way to add visibility for your board. You can embed Viima as a web part to a new or already existing page. Viima can be found right where you launch a campaign and if preferred, you can embed your Viima board to your SharePoint frontpage where it's flexibly available.

Each team, business unit or project group can embed their own Viima board to SharePoint. Based on the user settings, you can invite external stakeholders to view your board, and if they want to contribute to ideation by commenting or evaluating ideas, they can do so by using Office 365 Single Sign-On. Direct people to your board by linking to it and collaborate effectively in one integrated platform!

Succeed in idea management with the right tools and processes

Idea management is a part of both existing processes and cultural change. Organizations should focus on fostering innovation in applications people use the most. With the combined capabilities of Viima and SharePoint, each team and business unit can turn separate but valuable ideas into a continuous innovation process.

Viima is the best tool out there to manage ideas, because it allows your innovative stakeholders to form, refine, evaluate and execute ideas, drive your idea management process to the right direction and improve existing business processes by enabling quick feedback to new ideas in one integrated system. 

Open innovation allows more people to contribute to you idea management process, making your environment more social. Capture versatile knowledge by opening up your idea management process to different opinions and experiences.

As more people join in, your community becomes more engaged, which leads to more and better ideas!

Viima’s ideation tool has worked well for us in gathering new ideas and development suggestions related to our digital business opportunities.

The tool's visuality, a playful way to show the ideas and a possibility to engage people to the ideation process are the best parts of Viima. Highly recommended!
Ville Simola
Lassila & Tikanoja


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