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Integrate Viima with your favorite Microsoft tools

Ideation works best when new ideas are shared in the context of actual projects. We at Viima believe that everyone should get their voice heard and ideas noticed effortlessly. People are using different collaboration tools to manage their innovation projects but few are able to unlock the full value of innovation with separate systems. Microsoft provides several useful team collaboration tools, but its ecosystem is missing an integrated idea management system for Office 365 ideation.

Different teams should always leverage their knowledge by using the best possible tool for each purpose, and we strongly believe that Viima is the best tool out there for managing ideas. We offer Microsoft Office 365 users a smooth user experience that integrates with your favorite Office 365 productivity tools, such as Microsoft TeamsSharePoint and Yammer.

Access all of your apps in one place and enhance the information flow between your most used applications by integrating Viima with Office 365.


Convenient User Experience

Recognize and respond to new ideas even faster by adding Viima to Office 365’s app launcher either as a custom tile or through the AppSource and Azure AD marketplaces

The custom tile only needs to be added once for an organization by an admin user. After it has been added, other Office 365 users can see it in their app launcher menus. You can navigate to your organization's app launcher through Office Portal. 

Azure AD

Azure Active Directory

Activate with a few simple clicks

Memorizing multiple credentials is difficult and time consuming. People tend to keep their passwords in non-encrypted places, which can lead to several security risks.

Luckily, Viima supports the use of Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft AD On-Premise as Identity Providers out-of-the-box. Enabling the use of Office 365 accounts for identifying users and granting them Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, is available for all Viima subscription plans, including our free plan. Activating Office 365 SSO can be done with just a few simple clicks since all paid Office 365 subscriptions include a free subscription to Azure AD.

In addition, you can use Office 365's built in 2-factor authentication for improved security. Once you have signed in, there is no need to re-authenticate and you are able to access all of the applications at once. 

Increase your Productivity with Single Sign-On


  • Uses your Office 365 account so you don't have to memorize different credentials.
  • Reduces administrator's time consuming activities since they don't have to individually create and manage multiple user accounts. 
  • You can use 2-factor authentication, which lowers the risk of data breaches and identity thefts. 

How Your Team Can Benefit from Viima



Enhance Company Culture

A great company culture is built through concrete actions. Making innovation a part of organization's strategy strengthens a more innovative, effective and productive company culture, increasing both growth and competitive advantage. 


Continuous Improvements

Aspire for organizational excellence by promoting a culture of continuous  improvements. Communicating to employees that their ideas and expertise is trusted eventually leads to higher employee engagement and job satisfaction.


New Business Initiatives

Finding new revenue streams is essential to evolving and growing business. With Viima, you'll gather real-time ideas which help you improve your current services, and makes you discover new business models.

Integrate Viima with Microsoft collaboration tools




SharePoint, a cloud-based document management solution keeps all of your most important ideas in one place. Viima integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and you can embed your Viima board to SharePoint to add visibility for your board and to boost engagement within the whole organization. 

Find out more about SharePoint idea management.



Keep up with what's new!

With Microsoft Yammer, you are able to collaborate and stay connected with your network and colleagues anytime anywhere. Integrate Viima with Yammer and get real-time notifications about the latest ideas and updates to your Yammer feed. 



Take your teamwork to the next level by integrating Viima with Microsoft Teams collaboration tool. You and your team have an access to your daily applications in one place.

Sharing and communicating ideas with internal and external stakeholders has never been easier!

How do I succeed in Office 365 ideation?

Capturing the collective intelligence and the best ideas in your organization is more likely to succeed when you keep in mind the following aspects:


Align ideation goals with strategic goals and processes

The fist step towards a successful ideation process is to define what wants to be achieved. Focus on the most important and align your goals with the organization's strategic goals and already existing processes.


Remove unnecessary barriers

Ideation should not be tied to time or place. The best ideas come when you least expect it, and the right technology allows you and your team to capture the best ideas anytime, anywhere. 


Choose the right technology

The right ideation management tool integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies. In addition, it should be  visually appealing, customizable, fun and easy to use. 

people outline

Foster trust

Building trust and fostering friendships helps you to unlock the full value of ideation. Open communication makes people feel respected and appreciated, which results in more innovative company culture. 


Engage all stakeholders

Keep your employees and most important stakeholders engaged in a continuous ideation process by constantly optimizing the way you work and providing them with a unified user experience.

chat bubble

Give quick feedback

Quick and effective feedback keeps your team happy and motivated to work towards common goals. Idea evaluation helps you to learn and make the best decisions at each stage of the ideation process.

Capture the best ideas

Inviting partners to your collaborative innovation process is fun and exiting. With Viima, you will keep the conversation going, making sure all the best ideas are visible for everybody. Good open innovation platforms increase both speed and quality of the process. Engaging your ecosystem in innovation can yield sustainable competitive advantage by bringing you novel ideas and early feedback.

Viima has successfully enabled many companies to innovate with their external partners. The software gives you a clear place for all discussion related to open innovation. Using Viima is effortless even if the participants would come from different organizations or  continents: you can access the ideas real-time anywhere. Viima's integration with Microsoft Office 365 allows a single point of access for the people involved. Integrate Viima with Microsoft Office 365 applications for enhanced flow of information between all the applications.

Start in minutes

Want to start quickly but don't want to compromise quality? We've got you covered. It takes just minutes to adapt Viima to your processes and integrate to your existing Office 365 and other systems. All of this is free for up to 50 users. Less hassle, more innovation!  

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Viima connected our employees on the field to the decision-makers at the headquarters in a totally new way. It enabled us to quickly get important information from our clients, customer service personnel and maintenance staff. We have successfully implemented many of the shared ideas!

I've always felt that Viima is a partner you can trust, as demonstrated by both the product and their service.
Kimmo Koskinen


Already trusted by thousands of organizations and millions of users

Want to succeed in implementing a new ideation software?

When you are starting to use a new ideation software, we always recommend you start with a pilot. Piloting helps you to test your assumptions and processes around the tool, as well as the software itself. In addition, a well planned pilot provides you with concrete progress towards your goals and allows you to see how the tool works in real life. This way you can identify some of the unforeseen issues and make further improvements based on the pilot.

Want to succeed in you ideation software pilot but don't know where to begin? Don't worry! We have written a simple but useful guide that helps you to get started. Our free guide provides you with a simple checklist to use as a reference when planning your pilot!

Download the Guide