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Voice of the Customer

Engage with your customers and leverage their insights to drive innovation.

Engage your customers to innovate with you.

Involve your customers in the innovation process to drive business growth. Actively listen to their needs to provide maximum value, and identify untapped opportunities for further innovation and expansion. Let's see how you can achieve that with Viima!

Make gathering customer insights effortless with Viima. Invite customers to share their thoughts by signing in with their existing accounts.
The key to success in customer engagement is to build an active community for coming up with ideas on how to get better, not just to ask them to answer a survey. Viima makes it easy for people to leave ideas, and keep the discussion focused.
Probe in on the rationale behind the ideas to better understand the needs of the customers with the help of powerful discussion features, such as mentioning specific people and adding attachments.
We provide you with tools that help you analyze your process and understand your customers better. Overview the current status, spot the bottlenecks that need fixing and identify trends in your data.
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Viima helps you collect ideas and turn them into results.

Listening is just the first step in the voice of the customer process. To turn insights, ideas and discussions into measurable business results, a systematic approach is required. Viima is the tool that helps you do this. It's versatile and flexible enough to be used even with the largest of audiences, yet so simple and fun that people actually love using it.


You can easily customize Viima to your specific requirements. Engage a variety of different customer segments in varying activities with different Viima boards. You choose the theme and decide who gets to see what.


To gain valuable insights from your customers, you often need to sift through a large volume of ideas. Viima simplifies the process by automating notifications, preventing duplicates, making the entire idea management process simpler.
THE results 

More innovation and more engaged customers.

By having a systematic approach to listening to your customers, as well as collecting and managing ideas from them, you'll be able to get more insight into their desires.

Those insights help you innovate and serve your customers better, ultimately creating competitive advantage. What's more, the process also helps you build a more loyal and engaged customer base.

Ready to unleash your innovation potential?

Want to see how Viima can enhance your Voice of the Customer process? Start collecting ideas and feedback from external sources in minutes, with our dedicated board template.

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How others do it

Fressi is one of the largest chain of exercise and wellness centers in Finland, providing a range of services.

With Viima's help, Fressi has strengthened customer loyalty and identified clear segments for developing their services through open ideation and online co-creation with both new and old customers.

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We’ve been able to activate as many as 50% of our customers to give feedback in the Viima platform, analyze what the key customer needs are and how to respond to them. 

Ready to Make More Innovation Happen?

 The Innovation System coaching program will take your innovation skills to the next level. 26 video lectures, 10+ editable templates, and peer matchmaking specially designed to help you acquire all the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to make innovation happen.