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Want to help your clients innovate better and build a more profitable business for yourself?

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Our Partnership Program gives you an unfair advantage.

Our mission to help more companies succeed in innovation. We've chosen to focus on building the best software for the job and are now building a network of partners to join the mission. Our Partnership Program gives you the leverage you need to help your clients make more innovation happen, and build a more profitable business for yourself.

A Growing Source of Recurring Revenue
We provide you with a commission on every client you bring us. What's more, you get to keep a share of the revenue for as long as they use Viima with your help. This allows you to build a steady stream of recurring revenue from your existing clients that translates directly into profit.
Happy Customers & More Efficient Projects
With Viima, you can help your clients manage their innovation processes in a systematic way – regardless of the time and place. You'll run innovation projects more efficiently and effectively, and at the same time, help your customers make more innovation happen.
Provide a Uniquely Powerful Offering
A good consultant helps an organization catch the proverbial fish. A great one sets them up with the right equipment and teaches them to fish. By combining your expertise and our software, you can create a differentiated service offering that delivers measurable and lasting value for your clients.

It isn't easy to get innovation right.

Did you know that according to McKinsey, only 6% of executives are happy with their current innovation performance?

You have to get quite a few things right to be successful in  innovating consistently. You need the right strategy, the right processes, the right tools and the right kind of a culture. 

While we provide our customers with the best software in the world, they still often need help to get the other pieces in the puzzle right.

This is where you, as our partner, come in. With our software and your expertise, we can together ensure that our customers reach their full innovation potential.
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More revenue

By partnering with Viima, you can build a new source of recurring revenue from your existing customer base that translates directly to your bottom line.
A growing source of recurring revenue
You earn a generous commission from every customer you start using Viima with for as long as they pay for the software.
More revenue per client
With Viima, you have an opportunity to stay with your customers for longer and to provide additional value-adding services that boost your revenue per client.
The more you use, the more you'll earn
The tiers of our Partnership Program reward you with a bigger slice of the pie. The more customers you have using Viima, the more you'll earn.

More successful projects

You can use our software, as well as our services, to help your customers with a wider range of issues, more efficiently, successfully, and for longer.
Help your customers innovate in new ways
Viima can help organizations innovate in a variety of ways, which lets you help them in more of their innovation needs.
Scale your expertise efficiently
Innovation projects typically take a lot of legwork. You often spend a lot of time in workshops and in doing manual work. Viima can give you leverage so that you can achieve the same, or even better, results with much less work.
Measure the value you create
Innovation is notoriously tough to measure, but Viima is the right tool for the job. When the customer sees for themselves how much value the co-operation has created, you'll retain them for longer. 

Unique offering

Innovation is now more important for the long-term success of organizations than ever before, which means that there's also more competition for helping organizations succeed in that. With Viima, you can differentiate your offering to win and help more clients.
Win more business
Clients love a partner who can offer holistic solutions for their problems. With Viima, you can provide them with sound advice and the means for implementing that.
Create more value
A good consultant helps an organization catch the proverbial fish. A great one sets them up with the right tools and teaches them to fish.
A tangible deliverable
Most consulting is quite abstract. Viima provides you with a tangible and fun tool for bringing your innovation chops into practice for the customer.

Software & Support

The more successful you are, the better off we'll be. As such, we're committed to providing you with world-class software and the support to match.
The best software
Our customers have rated us as the best innovation management software in the world for two years in a row. As our partner, you'll get full access to all of the features Viima's paid plans have to offer.
Priority support
Our partners always get access to our priority support, which is normally reserved for our enterprise customers, free of charge.
Training & dedicated channel manager
To help you get started, we'll teach you the lessons we've learned from working with customers all over the world. You'll also have a dedicated channel manager to help you find and convert more leads.

What you'll get

Our Partner Program has three tiers that are all designed to help you succeed with Viima. The more successful you are, the better your rewards will be.

Silver Gold Platinum
CertificationinfoThe ensure the quality of our partners, you must pass a lightweight certification process
Tier threshold revenueinfoThe amount of Viima revenue from the last 12 months that you need to be eligible for the given tier $0 $20 000 $50 000
SaaS revenue shareinfoOur partners get to enjoy a generous lifetime revenue share from each of their customers who use Viima's service. 20% 30% 40%
Consulting revenueinfoYou get to keep all the consulting revenue from all of your clients, it is your work after all! 100% 100% 100%
Free priority supportinfoAll of our partners get to enjoy our priority support, which is normally reserved for enterprise customers, free of charge
TraininginfoAs part of our certification process, you'll learn how our most successful customers use Viima to drive innovation
Sales support materialsinfoWe provide our partners with the materials they need to succeed in selling Viima as part of their services
LeadsinfoOur customers regularly need more extensive help than we can provide them with, in which case we find the right partner for them from our network
Dedicated channel managerinfoOur top partners have a dedicated channel manager to make sure they succeed in growing their business with Viima
Marketing collaborationinfoWe work with our top partners to promote their expertise to our rapidly growing audience of innovation enthusiasts
R&D collaborationinfoWe work closely with our top partners to shape the future roadmap of our product
Kimmo Koskinen
I've always felt that Viima is a partner you can trust, as demonstrated by both the product and their service.
Kimmo Koskinen
Petalidis Profile block
The solution is flexible, straightforward and immediately implementable and Viima's team understands client service and are constantly on the ball. Highly recommended!
Dr. Lawrence P. Petalidis

Apply for our Partner Program

Joining the program is completely free and you will also receive complimentary training from our team.

If you have a passion for helping your customers make more innovation happen, we'd love to work with you! You will simply need to pass our lightweight certification process.

We provide you with the support you need to succeed and the better you do, the better the rewards we offer you with.

Let's make more innovation happen, together!

NOTE: due to high demand, we now require partners to apply to the program. We are looking for motivated partners that understand innovation and have sufficient resources to allocate to this program.

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