At Viima, we are highly committed to respect your privacy. Your data is stored on secure servers and access to it is limited and we only use it for the purposes mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

Having said that, we don’t want anyone feeling unsure of how their data is being handled and we always seek to provide you with an easy way to opt-out of processing personal data. For more details on the topic, please see our Privacy Policy.

This page provides you with links and instructions on how to opt out of processing your personal data. Should the links and instructions not contain what you're looking for, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO, dpo [at] with your request.

To opt out of us storing cookies on your browser, as well as collecting data with our marketing services to provide you with more relevant information and/or advertisement, click here. Please note that this doesn't necessarily mean that you would no longer see any advertisement and/or information from us, simply that the advertisement will no longer be personalized based on your interests. Should you wish to opt in again, please click here.

For opting out of anonymous tracking with Hotjar, please follow the instructions on this page:

To opt out of emails and other notifications from our app (, please change your email preferences. This will not affect certain mandatory communication, such as password resets and account related communication. Please note that most of the communication coming from our app is the responsibility of our Customers, not us, and you should send related inquiries directly to them.

For opting out of marketing communication and/or other forms of automated communication, such as emails, being sent to you, please click on the link in the footer of the email to adjust your preferences and/or opt-out entirely. In case this isn't possible for some reason, please contact our DPO as described above.