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The Complete Toolkit to Jobs To Be Done

Uncover the underlying needs of your customers

How to drive more innovation by uncovering the underlying customer needs?

The Jobs To Be Done Theory has been developed, polished and refined over the years for this exact purpose.

To help you get the most out of it, we've put together this toolkit with resources, practical tools and templates that will help you go from theory to practice.

Among the 25 slides you will get:

  • The Jobs to be Done Canvas you can use to sort observations into actionable categories
  • The Job Map and how to deconstruct a job in steps that will help you uncover further innovation opportunities.
  • Interview tips, scripts and templates that will help you uncover the job to be done.
  • The Forces of Progress Canvas you can use to analyze the triggers that can drive customers to your solution.


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JTBD toolkit resources

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