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The Complete Toolkit to Intrapreneurship

How to support intrapreneurship in your organization

Intrapreneurship plays an important role in driving innovation. 

How to support intrapreneurs in your organizations and drive more innovation? What tools and methods to use as an intrapreneur to get your message and ideas across?

We created this guide with practical tools and methods to help leaders and entrepreneurial-minded employees succeed with intrapreneurship. 

In this toolkit, you will find 25 slides that contain:

Tips and tools for leaders that want to make top-down changes

  • Manage your processes
  • "Get to Yes" tool
  • Innovation Culture toolkit
  • Idea Challenges toolkit

Tips and tools for intrapreneurs who need bottom-up solutions

  • Idea development cycle
  • Navigate roadblocks, persuade, collaborate
  • The Attitude Influence Diagram
  • Lean Canvas
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas
  • Opposite Thinking
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Complete Toolkit Intrapreneurship

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