Get The Ultimate Toolkit for Innovation Management

15+ innovation tools, templates and more

Innovation management is more fun and easy with the right tools. We wanted to combine the best tools in one toolkit that you can use when planning and executing different innovation activities and campaigns.

In this innovation toolkit, you'll find 15+ of our favorite innovation tools, guides and templates. You can use the toolkit for:

  • Making sense of different aspects and types of innovation
  • Planning your innovation strategy
  • Building a process for managing innovation
  • Generating and validating new ideas

We've also included other useful material in the toolkit, such as our innovation infographics and tips for selecting the right innovation management software.

The Ultimate Toolkit for Innovation Management helps you to:

group Get started with innovation management
timeline Approach innovation more systematically
assignment_turned_in Keep track of your progress in different areas

Feel free to share this innovation toolkit with your colleagues and other partners to get the most out of your innovation activities!

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