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The most innovative organizations know that ideas are just the beginning and have a way to turn them into innovations. Do you?

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Every innovation starts from an idea.

Idea management is the systematic process of collecting ideas, then refining, prioritizing and implementing them to make innovation happen. The right software helps you throughout the process.

Capturing the insights your employees and customers hold is the key to more innovation.
Raw ideas usually need a bit of polish. The right process helps make the most out of them.
Choosing the right ideas can be tricky. The right tools help you make better decisions consistently.
Analyzing your innovation process helps you eliminate bottlenecks and constantly get better.

How it works

You ask for ideas on how to improve, for example, customer satisfaction
Alice submits a new idea she thinks would help solve a common customer problem
John attaches a business case calculation to the idea and notifies Katie
Katie evaluates the idea and assigns it to Ben for implementation
Ben implements the idea and customer retention improves by 4%, worth an extra $350k annually

The result? More innovation.

A systematic approach to idea management helps you make more innovation happen by focusing your efforts on what matters.

thumb_up Collect more & better ideas
timeline Turn more ideas into innovations
people Build a more innovative culture
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Viima helps make more innovation happen

Viima is the best way to collect and manage ideas.

A great idea management software is simple and easy to use, yet versatile enough to work for even the largest organizations. With Viima, you get the best of both worlds: ease-of-use and competitive pricing combined with enterprise-grade flexibility and reliability.


The more ideas you collect from different groups of people, the better prepared you are to progress the right ones. We've made it super easy for you to collect ideas so that you never have to miss one again.
People love using Viima
Our uniquely fun and playful approach to ideation is guaranteed to get people's creative juices flowing.
Effortless management
Viima makes your job easy so that you can focus on what matters: innovation. For example, ideas are categorized and the right people will automatically be notified.
Boards make it flexible
You can easily engage employees, customers and other stakeholders in ideation with different Viima boards. You choose the theme and decide who gets to see and what.
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We know that ideas are just the beginning. Viima supports you throughout your journey to turn those ideas into innovations.
Model your own process
A systematic process is one of the keys to long-term innovation success. Viima allows you to freely define your own process, no matter what it's like.
Engage the right people
Viima helps you turn rough ideas into solid concepts with powerful discussion features such as mentioning specific people and adding attachments.
Responsibility → Progress
Shared responsibility often means no responsibility. Viima helps you make sure that it's always someone's job to progress every idea.
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Idea selection is considered the single most important phase in the innovation process as 70% of total costs are locked in at this point. To get it right, you need a solid process and the right tools.
Flexible evaluation system
Viima provides a flexible engine for evaluating ideas: choose your own metrics and pick the right people to rate the ideas on them.
Automated idea scoring
Evaluations are automatically used to calculate a Viima score for every idea, which can be used to help prioritize the ideas.
Powerful visualization options
Our powerful visualization tools help you make informed decisions without taking too much time doing so.
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The best innovators are constantly looking to get better. We provide you with tools that help you analyze and improve your process.
Overview of current status
Our analytics provide you with an overview of where you are, and which direction you're headed towards, at a glance.
Fix your bottlenecks
Every process has bottlenecks. We help you identify the ones in your innovation process so that you can address them.
Spot trends in your data
With a systematic process for collecting ideas, you'll be able to spot trends and identify areas worth investigating in more detail.
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What our customers are saying about us

Viima connected our employees on the field to the decision-makers at the headquarters in a totally new way. It enabled us to quickly get important information from our clients, customer service personnel and maintenance staff. We have successfully implemented many of the shared ideas!

I've always felt that Viima is a partner you can trust, as demonstrated by both the product and their service.
Kimmo Koskinen
Katri Kennedy - Viima reference
We've harnessed our entire customer service workforce to collaboratively and transparently refine ideas that originate from our customer needs. Viima is a very engaging, intuitive, and – above all – a fun tool to use!

The collaboration with Viima has also been exemplary in every way and the service has adapted to our needs very flexibly.
Katri Kennedy
If P&C Insurance

Viima is free for an unlimited number of users

Join the thousands of organizations already using Viima and start making more innovation happen. It takes just minutes to get started.

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