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A Guide to the How Might We Technique

Probably the easiest way to define solvable problems

Without a well-structured and defined problem, it is nearly impossible to move forward in your design or innovation process.

Thankfully, the How Might We technique exists to lead your team towards solutions in a creative way.

To help you get the most out of it, we've put together this guide with practical templates that will help you go from an issue to a solution in no time.

Among the 10 slides you will get the following:

  • Pre-workshop tips and advice you can take to eliminate obstacles. 
  • POV challenges template that will help you to consider multiple target audiences, their needs, and insights. This step will help you seamlessly step into the next template:
  • How Might We questions template which you can use to form multiple How Might We questions with ease. 
Feel free to share this with your colleagues!

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