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The Flywheel of Growth

The toolkit of choice for creating & communicating an innovation strategy

Getting innovation strategy right is one of the key challenges most innovators struggle with

To help with this, we've combined our experience with proven models to create a framework that helps you create a stellar innovation strategy.

This 24-slide workbook contains:

  • Practical tips on what makes for a good strategy, and a good Flywheel

  • 7 detailed examples of successful Flywheels

  • An easy-to-understand process for creating your own Flywheel

  • PowerPoint templates for planning, visualizing & communicating your innovation strategy in a way that everyone gets!

The Toolkit helps you to:

  • Learn what makes for a good Flywheel
  • Create your own innovation strategy
  • Visualize & communicate it to others
Feel free to share this toolkit with your colleagues!

The Flywheel of Growth, Explained