Our blog is one of the premiere destinations when it comes to content related to innovation, leadership, culture, and management. Ever since 2020, it has been the most popular innovation blog in the world.

We have an ever-growing base of 100k+ monthly readers who are thirsty for more quality content on these topics and are always on the lookout for people who'd love to join our community to provide valuable insights for our audience.

We're very proud of the content we've created and curated to our blog and are looking to keep our ethical and quality standards at the highest level to delight our readers.

We know that it takes more time and effort to produce quality work, but the payoff for everyone involved is well worth it. Thus, we've created a set of content guidelines for our blog that apply both to our own writers, as well as our guest contributors.

So, if you're considering to write to our blog, please familiarize yourself with our  guidelines and the instructions for submitting a pitch to make sure you are eligible for being featured in our blog.

Content guidelines:

  • About innovation, leadership, culture, management, or other related topics. Our readers are primarily innovation managers who work in medium or large organizations. Thus, startup related topics most likely won't be a good fit.
  • Insightful high quality long-form content that has not been published before
  • We set the bar high: it should be the best article anyone has ever written on the topic!
  • Your writing must show that you have in-depth understanding of the topic in question. Please do your homework properly before pitching us.
  • Your post should be at least 1,500 words long, 2000+ words is highly recommended
  • Contains actionable insights and expert advice and/or interesting stories and examples
  • Tone of voice should be professional, friendly, easy to read, and trustworthy, but you are free to use humour
  • Keep paragraphs short, use subheadings, bullet points, images, quotes and other similarly visual elements
  • At least one table, chart, graph, or embedded video
  • At least one link to a study, research report, survey, or anecdotal story from your own experience to back your arguments
  • Links to (and only to) high-quality resources (links back to your own site are ok if the linked-to content matches the quality standards of our blog)
  • Include an author bio (in which you're allowed to include a link back to your site) with the headshot of the author.
  • We don't do ghost authorship. For us, it's important that you can proudly stand behind your arguments.
  • We won't pay for your articles, nor do we accept payment from you to have your article published. Our blog is an independent and unbiased source of quality information.
  • Be prepared to iterate your work based on our feedback. All of our own articles go through a strict editorial and quality control process and your work will be measured against the same standards. Most articles need two to four drafts before being ready to be published.
  • In practice, writing an article that meets these guidelines usually takes a minimum of one week of full-time research and writing from a qualified expert.

Submitting your pitch

Please submit your pitches via our contact page. Make sure to include the following points in your pitch:

  • A two or three sentence summary of the post
  • Overview of the post structure and your main arguments
  • Couple of sentences on why this post would be of interest for our readers (business decision makers and people who want to learn more about the topics we write about)
  • Links to other posts written by the author and/or rationale for why the author is the right person to write about the topic

We receive a large number of pitches and will not be able to reply to everyone.

Once you submit your pitch, you should hear back from us within a couple of business days if your pitch is considered to have potential.

Thanks for taking the time to consider writing to our blog, your interest is highly appreciated!