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Winning the Hearts of Customers

How Fressi used Viima to listen to their customers voice and engage them in open ideation




Industry: Fitness  Size: 500 employees   Location: Finland

Fysioline Fressi Oy is one of the largest chain of exercise and wellness centers in Finland, providing a range of services all under one roof.

With Viima's help, Fressi has strengthened customer loyalty and identified clear segments for developing their services through open ideation and online co-creation with both new and old customers.

In brief, the outcomes of systematic use of Viima at Fressi has led to:

  • 50% of Fressi's customers were activated to give feedback 
  • Better understanding of their customers' key needs and how to respond to them
  • Engaged in meaningful dialogue with their customers
  • Valuable ideas were collected from customers using Viima's tool
  • The ideas provided were topical and unbiased
  • More data-driven decisions about how to improve their services

The Challenge

As a business that operates gyms and related services, customer satisfaction and renewals are critical to Fressi's success. To ensure that customers remain loyal and love the service being offered, Fressi had to engage them and understand what makes them tick. Without effective engagement and feedback collection, Fressi risked losing their loyalty and value in the future.

Fressi faced a significant challenge in engaging and collecting feedback from a large audience of customers. While it may seem like a straightforward task, they had to work with limited resources, meaning they had to allocate their time and efforts judiciously.

They also had a tight schedule to set up the feedback channel, which required careful planning and execution. Fressi had to ensure that the customers found the process fun and motivating.


The Perfect Solution for Fressi

Viima checked all the boxes - enabling feedback, comments, voting, and document sharing from multiple locations through the desktop and mobile app.


Effortless Management

Customizable Ideation

High Engagement

The Solution

Fressi needed a solution that would allow them to engage a large number of customers to ideate and provide feedback. It was also important to find a solution that would not strain their team internally and would not require too many resources. It had to be production ready within one business day of order.

Fressi introduced Viima to its customers within the scheduled time and the implementation process required no more than 30 minutes of work from Fressi, which included all necessary customization. 

Viima's playful and fun design user interface ensured that the customers were excited to interact with the tool and give feedback to Fressi, also allowing the company to communicate with the customers openly.

As output from the tool, Viima’s reporting engine automatically categorizes and prioritizes the feedback collected directly from customers so that it can be used to support business decisions.

The Results

Fressi was able to activate as many as 50% of its customers to give feedback on the Viima platform, which is a significant achievement in itself. By collecting feedback from such a large percentage of its customers, Fressi was able to gain a deeper understanding of what their customers' key needs were and how to respond to them.

Additionally, Fressi has been able to engage in meaningful dialogue with their customers, which is essential for building long-lasting relationships with them. By listening to their customers' feedback and ideas, Fressi has been able to show that they value their customers' opinions and are committed to improving their services in response to customer needs. This has resulted in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, as well as renewed memberships.

One of the most significant benefits of using Viima's tool is that Fressi has received lots of valuable ideas that would have otherwise been missed. The ideas provided by customers are topical and unbiased, which means that they are highly relevant and actionable. This has enabled Fressi to make data-driven decisions about how to improve their services, rather than relying on guesswork or assumptions.


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We’ve been able to activate as many as 50% of our customers to give feedback in the Viima platform, analyze what the key customer needs are and how to respond to them. We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to have meaningful dialog with our customers.

With Viima’s tool we’ve received lots of valuable ideas that would have otherwise been missed. The best thing is that those ideas have been given to us directly by the customers meaning that they are topical and that they aren’t biased.

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