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Sign up for a Free Viima Plan Today to Unlock these Exclusive Benefits.

Viima helps you make more innovation happen by providing you with a systematic way of collecting and managing ideas. Getting started takes just minutes and we'll be there to help you succeed. More innovation guaranteed.

Sign up for a Free Viima Basic plan to unlock the following exclusive benefits only available here today:

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Viima helps you get from ideas to innovations.

We've made managing ideas effortless so that you can focus on making more innovation happen in your organization.

Viima lets you gather ideas from your employees, customers, and other stakeholders.
Viima makes it easy to refine and develop ideas together with your team.
Viima provides you with tools for prioritizing ideas and picking the right ones to progress.
Viima helps you analyze your innovation process to find and eliminate bottlenecks.

Here's how it works.

You ask for ideas on, for example, how to improve customer satisfaction
Alice submits a new idea she thinks would help solve a common customer problem
John attaches a business case calculation to the idea and notifies Katie
Katie evaluates the idea and recognizes that it could significantly help your customers
Katie drafts a plan and assigns the idea to Ben for implementation next month
Ben implements the idea and customer retention improves by 3%, worth an extra $350k annually

Already trusted by 14000+ organizations.

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With Viima, you've got everything you need right out-of-the-box. While simple to use, Viima can adapt to even the most complex innovation environment with just a few clicks.

What our customers are saying about us

Petalidis Profile block
Working with the Viima team has been excellent. We now use Viima every day for our innovation application management and evaluation.

This is a truly professional outfit with a solution that is flexible, straightforward and immediately implementable. The Viima stakeholders understand client service and are constantly on the ball. Highly recommended!
Dr. Lawrence P. Petalidis
We've harnessed our entire customer service workforce to collaboratively and transparently refine ideas that originate from our customer needs. Viima is a very engaging, intuitive, and – above all – a fun tool to use!

The collaboration with Viima has also been exemplary in every way and the service has adapted to our needs very flexibly.
Katri Kennedy
If P&C Insurance