Building a Successful Innovation Program

An Innovation Master Class Webinar

With only 6% of executives being satisfied with their innovation performance, it's no wonder that the most common questions we get asked about are on how to build a repeatable approach to creating innovation.

Building a successful innovation program isn't magic. With a systematic approach focusing on the right things, you too can create a scalable machine for driving sustained innovation performance, no matter your current level.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

question_mark Why so many innovation programs fail
library_books A practical guide to building an innovation program
tips_and_updates Best practices for getting started with the program
insights Building the momentum once you're off the ground

This webinar originally aired in June. You will receive links to the webinar recording and the slides shown during it.

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Your Hosts

Erkka Isomäki
Erkka Isomäki, Co-founder
Erkka (MSc.) leads Viima's customer success team and works closely with many of Viima's largest customers to help them drive more innovation. He has experience from a wide variety of innovation programs.
Jesse Nieminen
Jesse Nieminen, Co-founder
Jesse (MSc.) is a recognized thought-leader in innovation and has written for some of the most important outlets in the field, in addition to being responsible for Viima's own growth and innovation efforts.