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RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association operates slot machines and casino games that can be played in almost 8,000 locations around Finland. In addition, RAY operates a gaming website that is one of the forerunners in innovative online gaming. RAY’s entire proceeds are used for supporting Finnish health and social welfare organisations as well as for the benefit of the country’s war veterans.

RAY has been using Viima since spring of 2014 to get the most out of their internal innovation activities. The company employs around 1600 people in Finland with the majority of them having access to Viima.

Increase in new documented ideas
of ideas have been developed further
Active users
Increase in transparency
Tanja Kotro Viima reference image
Tanja Kotro
Innovation Group Manager
Viima was an easy pick for us since it met all of the requirements we had for an internal innovation tool.

In just a couple of weeks we got as many unique ideas as during the entire last year. Plus the platform has truly facilitated constructive and collaborative development of ideas in a way that was impossible before!

The Challenge

How to organise an effective internal ideation process? The innovation department at RAY was determined to tackle this challenge in the spring of 2014. The internal ideation process had already been present for a long time, but now it was time to involve the entire organisation in the activity, make it transparent and interactive.

It is not trivial to establish a common innovation interface within a large body of employees coming from different backgrounds, possessing versatile demographics and working in different parts of the company’s value chain. People don’t generally like to fill out forms, use external systems that aren’t linked to daily activities or have to learn how to operate complicated tools.

RAY needed a tool that could facilitate and support the diverse requirements for the new innovation process and, of course, be exciting to use.

The Solution

Viima’s open innovation platform was chosen as the solution since it was an exact fit for RAY’s requirements. Viima’s tool was embedded into RAY’s existing intranet web site so that the ideation activities were able to be launched in a familiar environment for the employees. Within a few weeks from launching the pilot project, the new tool had sparked an amount of new fruitful ideas that was equal to the previous annual level. Needless to say, the solution was a perfect match.

Collecting new exiting ideas is inspiring and sometimes fine in itself, but the real power of Viima was harnessed in developing the ideas further by bringing together people from all parts of the organisation. The connections that are born from versatile expertise pave the way for positive change and many of the ideas that were developed using Viima’s innovation platform have already been implemented.

Uniting the organisation in collaborative innovation


Transparency throughout the organization

Knock down the organisational silos and allow the employees from different functions to collaborate directly. Harness tacit knowledge and increase employee satisfaction.


From an idea to an innovative concept

Viima enables the users to shape the initial idea and progress it towards a testable concept.


Automated categorization

Without any extra effort, the ideas, discussions and concepts are categorised into an intuitive structure that can be browsed directly in the UI. It is effortless to locate any piece of information afterwards. You can also have automatic notifications to be delivered for activities happening in a category that you’re responsible for, or with freely definable search criteria.


Seamless integration to existing systems


A familiar environment

Let employees operate in an environment that is familiar to them and avoid the change resistance for new standalone systems. Viima can easily be integrated into virtually any website, including all common intranet solutions.


Easy integration

Viima can be embedded to, and used from, any website where it can be placed just as easily as YouTube videos.

Viima also supports out-of-the-box Single-Sign On (SSO) for all the most common identity providers, such as Office365, Google and Microsoft Active Directory (via AD FS)


Effortless version upgrades

Updates to Viima’s SaaS tool do not require any effort from other parties once the tool has been integrated.

Viima is free for up to 50 users

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