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Sparking a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Ray is empowering employees to innovate through open, transparent collaboration.



Industry: Gambling  Size: 500 employees   Location: Finland

RAY, the Finnish Slot Machine Association, now part of Veikkaus and owned by the Finnish state, operates all the gambling games that are offered in Finland. Veikkaus' revenue is used for the benefit of Finnish society in its entirety with beneficiaries that are active in the fields of culture, sports, science, and youth work, social welfare and health, and the equine industry. 

Before merging with Veikkaus, Ray has been using Viima to get the most out of their internal innovation activities. 

In brief, the outcomes of a a systematic use of Viima at RAY lead to:

  • 271% increase in new documented ideas
  • 31% of employees engaged
  • 99% increased transparency
  • 61% of ideas taken for further development
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration
  • Effortless idea management

The Challenge

How to organise an effective internal ideation process? The innovation department at RAY was determined to tackle this challenge. The internal ideation process had already been present for a long time, but now it was time to involve the entire organisation in the activity, make it transparent and interactive.

It is not trivial to establish a common innovation interface within a large body of employees coming from different backgrounds, possessing versatile demographics and working in different parts of the company’s value chain. Generally, people don’t like to fill out forms, use external systems that aren’t linked to daily activities or have to learn how to operate complicated tools.

RAY needed a simple, yet powerful tool that could facilitate and support the diverse requirements for the new innovation process and, of course, be exciting to use.


Uniting the organization in collaborative innovation


Viima allowed RAY to break down silos and promote transparent collaboration among employees from different functions or departments. They engaged people into open communication, making it easy to work together to generate innovative ideas and solutions.

From idea to concept

Viima enabled RAY to go from simple ideas to innovative concepts. Through open collaboration and discussion, and with the evaluation features, ideas were refined and developed into improved solutions.

Automated organization

Without any extra effort, the ideas, discussions and concepts are categorized into an intuitive structure that can be browsed directly in the UI. With Viima they were also able to automate routine, repetitive tasks and focus on innovation.
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The Solution

Viima’s open innovation platform was chosen as the solution since it was an exact fit for RAY’s requirements. Viima’s tool was embedded into RAY’s existing intranet web site so that the ideation activities were able to be launched in a familiar environment for the employees. Within a few weeks from launching the pilot project, the new tool had sparked an amount of new fruitful ideas that was equal to the previous annual level. Needless to say, the solution was a perfect match.

Collecting new exciting ideas is inspiring and sometimes fine in itself, but the real power of Viima was harnessed in developing the ideas further by bringing together people from all parts of the organisation. The connections that are born from versatile expertise pave the way for positive change and many of the ideas that were developed using Viima’s innovation platform have already been implemented.

The Perfect Solution for RAY


Increase in new documented ideas


of ideas have been developed further


Engaged users


Increased transparency

The Results

Within just a few weeks of launching the pilot project, RAY saw an incredible amount of new fruitful ideas that was equal to the previous annual level. 

But collecting new ideas was just the beginning. The real power of Viima was harnessed in developing the ideas further by bringing together people from all parts of the organization. With versatile expertise, positive change soon followed, and many of the ideas that were developed using Viima's innovation platform have already been implemented.

The results were impressive, with a 271% increase in new documented ideas, and 63% of ideas being developed further. The platform also engaged 31% of users and increased transparency by 99%.

Overall, Viima has become an essential tool for RAY, enabling them to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, while streamlining their idea management process.


Viima connected our employees on the field to the decision-makers at the headquarters in a totally new way. It enabled us to quickly get important information from our clients, customer service personnel and maintenance staff. We have successfully implemented many of the shared ideas!

I've always felt that Viima is a partner you can trust, as demonstrated by both the product and their service.

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